Sunday, August 10, 2008

Families are like Fudge-Mostly Sweet with a Few Nuts

I felt the need to write today because earlier I had been scanning pictures of Molly for the memorial video Kristin is making for Friday's funeral, and I have been upset for the rest of the night. I have been trying to write in a journal every day, but since Friday have not been able to bring myself to do it, because then it would be real. No one wants it to be real. But tragedy did strike and we all lost someone very dear to us.

Our two families-the Robbins' and Sellers'- have always been like 1 big family. No matter how much time passes without seeing each other, the feelings are still there. Which is why their family's tragedy has effected us so deeply.

Even in such a wicked world, it was apparent that Molly was a righteous woman. You can see it in the five children that she raised (pretty much single-handedly). She has lead them by example and turned them into the wonderful people they are today. I know I speak on behalf of my family, my ward and my neighborhood when I say that we are all blessed to know them and to have known her.

Molly was a wonderful mother and person. She was kind to all those she met and loved all that she knew, and in return she is loved by many. She was sent to this earth to touch many lives and it evident that she has done so by how many people are in mourning over her death.

Molly's future may have been violently taken away from her, but no one can take away all the yesterdays and all the memories. As long as there is love for her in our hearts, she is never too far away.

A lesson that we can all take away from this is that death often comes as an intruder; a surprise. We never know when a loved one will be lost. Knowing this, we need to fight less and love more. Don't waste energy on pointless arguments-savor the moments we have together, and then when death must come there will be no regrets.

"There is the ever-present expectancy of death, but in reality there is no
death—no permanent parting. Death is not the end."
-Ezra Taft Benson
August Ensign 1991

An account has been set up in Molly's name at Cyprus Credit Union to help her children pay for funeral expenses.

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J & B said...

So perfectly said!! I love that quote from Pres. Benson. Thanks. Our hearts go out to you guys and Kristin's family. We love you all so much and we're thankful we're family.